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American Meat film screening in Harisonburg VA

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night the Screening and Panel discussions with Director, Graham Meriwether of the new Independent film "American Meat".   'American Meat is a solutions-oriented macroscopic documentary surveying the current state of the U.S. meat industry. Featuring, Joel Salatin, Chuck Wirtz, Fred Kirschenmann Steve Ells, Paul Willis, and tens of farmers across America, we take an even-handed look at animal husbandry. We explain how America arrived at our current industrial system, and show you the feedlots and confinement houses, not through hidden cameras but through the eyes of the farmers who live and work there. From there, we introduce the current revolution developing in animal husbandry, led by the charismatic and passionate Joel Salatin. We meet tens of farmers across the country who have changed their life to start grass-based farms, and we highlight every day tangible solutions that people can take, to change agriculture in America' - from the film's website
QR Code for American Meat film
QR Code for American Meat film website
  Here is a clip from the Panel Discussion on Friday ...Filmed  by Michael and Leslie and also posted on YouTube.

SolarFirst Lady of Virginia cuts the Vine at Cooper Vineyards

April 8 2011: news flash Cooper Vineyards held their Grand Opening celebration of their LEED certified tasting room. Meet The Farmer TV was there and we will have video interviews coming up! Here we see the First Lady of Virginia, Maureen McDonnell, cutting the proverbial ribbon - in this case a real grape vine.
Virginia's First Lady- cuts the vine
Virginia's First Lady- cuts the vine

*******40 min rough edit 1080p HD VIDEO UPLOADING MONDAY 4-11-2011- it takes a few hours to load the multi-GigaBytes******* drawings (Baskervill) and more detail photos to be added next week

The new tasting room incorporates numerous "green building" design features, such as: geothermal temperature regulation, solar power, SIPS panels, and recycled materials and reclaimed rainwater. The new building will also feature a unique tasting bar including a second outdoor bar on the new large deck overlooking the vineyards, a private tasting room for parties and other special events and a baby grand piano in the main tasting room. [info from Cooper Vineyards website:] We will talk to Geoffery Cooper and Jacque Hogge, the mentors and owners, also to the architect Michael Pellis  about designing such a wonder, and to Erin Hensley of Urban Grid Solar about the technical aspects of this green building and the grid tied 5.8kW PV array mounted on the ground so everyone can walk around to look at it.
The LEED green building
The LEED green building Tasting Room
Cooper Vineyards logo
Cooper Vineyards

Local Restaurant Food Hero

  Chef Mark Newsome of The Joshua Wilton House in Harrisonburg VA

VABF Conference in Danville VA

It is almost like a family reunion, all of us getting back together to explore this passon we share...T & E Meats' Joe Cloud, Adrianne Young, Sharondale Farm's Mark Jones, and Radical Roots' Dave O'Neill are just a few of the familiar faces in the house! Chris Mullins, Andy Hankins, Dr. Rafie and crew were in attendance with event in cooperation with VSU. Mike and Eliot Coleman talk about the hydrosols and, meeting up with VSU folks. Great meeting up with folks from VSU and VABF

Local Food Hub – Annual Producer Meeting

Lunch at the Annual Food Hub Meeting
Lunch at the Annual Food Hub Meeting

The 2011 Local Food Hub Annual producer/partner meeting had a local lunch at Bondoran Farm Thursday January 6 2011.

The day started off with several presentations from NRCS and FSA about government programs and grants to help small growers.

Kate and Alan made presentations of the accomplishments and achievements of this terrific collaborative effort. Training and grant writing services were offered. The past year's performance and planning for the next year were discussed in an open group format.  The concept of creating a Local Food Hub Brand and tag line of "Good Local Food!"  and the groups responsibility to the local community to provide it, was raised and discussed at length. Emily maintained the tweets

Local Food Hub

Specific details will be available to members at their Google Group Meet The Farmer TV was there and we will have some video clips here at for everyone and we look forward to visiting and filming all the producers! Producers please contact us to schedule possible times for farm operation and background filming with Meet The Farmer TV,

UVA Food Collaborative screening and discussion

In room 153 at Campbell Hall on December 1 a screening of the Meet The Farmer TV episode about the UVA Food Collaborative event "What's on Your Plate" was held with intimate discussion between participants following. Meet The Farmer TV host, Michael Clark, presented the screening and stayed for the discussion. Also joining the discussion were chefs from the local Boar's Head Inn and Restaurant.
UVA Food Collaborative Discussion

100 Mile Thanksgiving Dinner UVA

The 5th Annual 100 Mile Thanksgiving Dinner held Thursday 11/18 at 7PM, hosted by UVA students and staff. Click on splash screen to play..

*Video:uva 5th annual 100 mile thanksgiving

YouTube link:

Radio Show from "With Good Reason"



First Virginia Grown Papaya

The First Virginia Grown Papaya was cut and sampled and made into salsa by Chef Tony Geraci along with Dr. Reza Rafie, the VSU Extension Specialist who grew the papaya in a high tunnel greenhouse as part of a Specialty Crop research project. Click on screen to play:
YouTube Link=