Local Food Hub – Annual Producer Meeting

Lunch at the Annual Food Hub Meeting
Lunch at the Annual Food Hub Meeting

The 2011 Local Food Hub Annual producer/partner meeting had a local lunch at Bondoran Farm Thursday January 6 2011.

The day started off with several presentations from NRCS and FSA about government programs and grants to help small growers.

Kate and Alan made presentations of the accomplishments and achievements of this terrific collaborative effort. Training and grant writing services were offered. The past year's performance and planning for the next year were discussed in an open group format.  The concept of creating a Local Food Hub Brand and tag line of "Good Local Food!"  and the groups responsibility to the local community to provide it, was raised and discussed at length. Emily maintained the tweets http://twitter.com/localfoodhub.

Local Food Hub

Specific details will be available to members at their Google Group Meet The Farmer TV was there and we will have some video clips here at news.MeetTheFarmer.tv for everyone and we look forward to visiting and filming all the producers! Producers please contact us to schedule possible times for farm operation and background filming with Meet The Farmer TV, mailto:info@meetthefarmer.tv

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